Freelance Writing

  • Ghost blogging and newsletter content
  • Keeping up with a timely business blog or newsletter to showcase your expertise and keep your clients informed can be a time-consuming, tedious task when you know you’d rather be out there getting more business instead of staring at a computer screen. We write original content, complete with hyperlinks and calls-to-action so YOU
    don’t have to.

  • Executive profiles (bios)
  • This important piece of self-marketing is what speaks volumes about you online and in print. It needs to tell your story in an engaging, un-sales-y way and set you apart from others who are in your field. If you hire a freelance writer for only one thing, make it this one.

  • Brochure verbiage
  • Concise, attention-getting copywriting is an important benchmark for any advertising piece, and in tri-fold brochures, fliers, and online advertising, less is always more where content is concerned.

  • Corporate histories
  • We can tell your company’s story like no one else can, using color, anecdotes and using quotes from those pioneers who blazed the trail for what your clients experience today each and every time they engage your company’s services. From corporate coffee table books to the “About Us” section of your company web site, we paint your legacy with words.

  • Press releases
  • The content of a press release must be newsworthy and well-crafted without appearing “fluffy” or major media carriers will throw it into a pile of rejects. While we are not a PR firm, we provide the content you’ll need in the accepted formats newspapers and cyber-newswires
    will publish.

  • Awards applications content
  • Do you or your company hesitate to apply to win prestigious awards because no one there knows how to fill out the application, let alone boil down the answers to 400 words or less per question? Awards applications often ask that you tell the “story” behind something you accomplished in a particular category. It could be how you overcame a challenge and came out on top, describe some details of the path you took to achieve results, or just highlight the caliber of individuals who made something happen. Ultimate Communic8or has helped companies win prestigious awards with skilled story telling.

  • Editing and proofreading
  • You may already have written something but know it needs another set of eyes – fine-tuning, so to speak. Or maybe you’ve written an entire book and want it to be professionally edited. What your eyes gloss over, a professional editor might regard as words jumping off a page at her. Editing and proofing involve taking words and making them flow more smoothly, correcting grammar, syntax, punctuation and word usage errors. We take word-diamonds in the rough and cut them into the proper shape.

  • Resumes and cover letters (non high-tech)
  • Resumes, while still used by many companies as a snapshot of one’s business experiences, can be dry and unappealing, getting thrown into a stack of others applying for the same position because nothing makes them stand out. Apart from fonts and bold letters, how does yours look and sound at first glance? Do you use the same resume to apply for a variety of positions, or do you customize your resume to appeal to a would-be employer? We can help you with targeted resumes that show you took the time to have something
    professionally prepared.

    Cover letters should never be generic, since they are regarded as your “personal” message to a would-be employer. You walk a fine line between too business-like and too casual here, so let us craft cover letters that get your resume noticed.

  • Advertorial/articles for online and print
  • Advertorials consist of editorial content that supports advertising in a particular publication. An example would be an article on newer types of roofing placed in the middle of a home and garden web site or newspaper page. If you are an expert and want to showcase your knowledge of a particular topic, we will “ghostwrite” an article that carries your byline that can be submitted to web sites, newspapers and magazine for publication.

  • PodCast, webcast and video scripting
  • Why leave your words up to chance when your image or voice might live online forever? We craft scripts that sound like the best version of you!

  • Family legacy books or web site content
  • If your family has stories to tell to leave to future generations, trusting a professional to tell those stories accurately, engagingly and poetically can provide you with a legacy that can live on for years to come. Using skilled interviewing techniques and colorful writing, we recount life tales that stand the test of time.

  • Trade books and memoir (ghostwrite)
  • Just because you are extremely skilled at what you do and have found success at it doesn’t mean you can write a book about it. Many business people want to help others by sharing their expertise, however, whether it be in electronic formats or printed book form. And if you are adept at public speaking, “back of the room” book sales is almost a requisite these days, branding you in ways nothing else can. We will become the words beneath your wings.

  • White papers
  • Using persuasive essays to market your service or product shows you or your company has done its homework. White papers are sticky manifestos that serve as information widgets for your company and its message, providing useful information to readers and potential clients as a means to understanding the technology or methodology
    behind them.

    While we keep them sounding professional, we strive to make white papers look user-friendly instead of something smacking of an academic paper or annual report.

  • College application essays
  • When college application deadlines loom large, students become overwhelmed when sitting down to write all-important college application essays. Their angst is not misplaced. College essays are rated of “considerable importance” in the admission decision by 27 percent of admissions officers in these days of keen competition for spots at selective schools.

    The essay is a quick way for college admissions officers to get a thumbnail sketch of an applicant — a way to get a sense of the applicant’s writing ability and personality. Being genuine is king here, while applicants who come off as arrogant or verbose get weeded out. Whether you or your child is writing this, hiring a professional writer to finely tune your words, tone and message can give you an edge.