Having been a professional journalist, copywriter, and writer-for-hire since 1997,  my  career has been based on well-chosen words used effectively and economically.   I made my writing debut as a columnist for the Sacramento Bee with my housing column “Under Construction” which became syndicated and appeared in newspapers throughout the U.S.  Since then, I’ve written, co-authored or contributed to seven books, while my online blogging activities go search-engine deep on topics ranging from real estate and mortgage to health and fitness to legalese and financial planning.

I am pleased to be a professional blogger for Forbes.com, where I write “Solo Props,” a column created to help “prop up” the small business owner. But my passion for the written word does not stop at my iMac.  I also thrive on training business owners as well as their employees to get a handle on their communications, offering workshops, coaching and keynote speaking.

If you need a freelance writer who can make you sound like the amazingly skilled individual you know yourself to be, I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in your online persona.