Words – carefully chosen and artfully arranged – can be as breathtaking as a work of art.  Life and business are full of stories. And because true-life-storytelling is so vital to getting others to understand you as a business owner or associate, I try to lay a strong foundation by creating meaningful mental pictures using examples, quotes, and thoughtful statements that smack more of conversation than dry information.

“I was blown away when you succeeded in illustrating the importance of a job most people would think of a boring profession,” says a prominent employment attorney who engaged my services for his web site to provide customized tributes to those who hold professional licenses issued by the state of California.  “You spoke directly to the person who worked hard to earn his or her credentials, hitting home with the idea that no license should go unprotected when being challenged in court.”

Ultimate Communic8or also provides hard-hitting executive profiles (bios) for use in social media sites such as Linkedin, for print in personal or company brochures, for proprietary web site owners to tout their expertise. In each case, I am careful your persona is represented accurately as well as engagingly, reflecting the passion with which you conduct your livelihood.

My love of writing takes me to unique and exciting places.  One day I am helping a literary journal publisher by providing editing services. The next,  I may be ghostwriting a book or helping an artist put together narration behind a museum exhibition. You can find me scripting a podcast for consumers to become informed before they purchase a new home, or even helping a large corporate business with the wording on an application to win a prestigious award.  Whatever the writing job, I am motivated by both a diversity of the topics as well as the challenge to write about them.

For that reason, I love to address business groups on the importance of good communication and meaningful wording in everything from their company web sites to their marketing emails to their Facebook posts.   Go here to learn more about my keynote speaking topics.